Girl Smirking by Elizabeth Alice Duncan

ARTIST NOTES: Connect with the her cheeky personality and share in her joy.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 20.32 cm X Width - 25.40 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Mixed Media on Paper
GENRE No Genre Entered
REGISTERED NRN # 000-39101-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Elizabeth Alice Duncan
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Artist: Elizabeth Alice Duncan


I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life so much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. I am inspired by the creativity, and resilience of children, their ability to absorb themselves completely in the moment, and those who lift a whole room with laughter.

I aspire to capture and bring the viewer to be aware, and gain a deeper understanding of joyfulness that comes from feelings and moments and smiles and laughter through my work. This body of work I share aims to help the viewer and I to reveal part of ourselves, overcome inhibition and connect with the happiness humanity experiences, to learn a way to be.

As Bridget Watson Payne says, “We are limited by the time and place and society we were born into- limited by race and class and gender assumptions, limited by privilege, limited by lack of privilege, limited by things we were taught as children, limited by language, limited by the range of light our human eyeballs can sense, limited by a million things we can do relatively little- if indeed anything- to alter. Art helps overcome limits.”

I am more concerned at how to be with my subject than how to create. I utilise colour intuitively to attract attention and elevate mood, to represent my rose coloured view of our human experience within our personal worldview . Pencil, pastel and watercolour are used to transform a blank canvas to convey human emotion. You will find me surrounded by what gives my life value. This may be exploring new work and ideas, immersing myself in commissions, at the beach with my Kelpie Zoe, anywhere in nature or surrounded by deep thinkers, passionate souls, intelligent beings, my good friends who I can be silly with!