The Stories Our Eyes Tell by Shereen Mahmoud

ARTIST NOTES: Integrated Media[Body Painting,Photography& Digital Art]Printed On Paper Mounted On Wood.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 25.40 cm X Width - 20.32 cm )
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-38029-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Shereen Mahmoud
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Artist: Shereen Mahmoud


Shereen Mahmoud is a Visual Artist based in Brisbane-Australia. She was born in Cairo-Egypt1977,and lived there until she moved to Australia in November 2013.She obtained her Bachelor Of Fine Arts with Honours, and a major in Sculpture from The Faculty Of Fine Arts-Helwan University Cairo-Egypt in the year 2000. She exhibited her work in many group and solo exhibitions, and taught art through many TV shows in Egypt. She was also interviewed about her work many times on TV, and was featured in many publications in Egypt and The Middle East. She started exhibiting in Australia in late 2016, after settling in Brisbane, QLD.

Shereen is an Interdisciplinary Artist who is continuously studying and researching  in the arts and psychology fields, She is constantly exploring and experimenting with different mediums, forms, integrating them in an unconventional manner and crossing the boundaries between art disciplines  including;sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, digital, and wearable art. Deriving from her own experiences, pain, and reflections on life, her work delves into the human condition, and investigates pain, vulnerability, and existential suffering exploring both the fragility and resilience of the human body, mind, and soul, aiming to destroy the social masks, labels, and judgement, to bring more compassion, and connectedness to the world.

Shereen is known for her expressive self-portraits, that incorporates symbolic portrayal of physical and psychological pain. Her work with its bold and vibrant colours evokes a strong emotional response from the viewers. In her latest body of work she explores the interface between traditional and digital media, moving from one medium to another, integrating them into one entity, blurring the boundaries between painting, photography, and digital art.

Described in Alahram weekly by Art critic Osama Kamal, as `She turns the exhibition space into a panoramic scene, where portraits lines up like performers, demanding to be heard. An Artist who knows how to make the inanimate speaks`. 

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