Where To Next? by Teresa Franks

ARTIST NOTES: "Where to Next?" is an acrylic painting which was a finalist in the Linden Postcard Prize in 2017. In life we often find ourselves out of control, like we are floating down the river, but instead of feeling lost, maybe we should be asking the question. The dog represents the fact that we are never alone, that we always have companions who will come on our journey. The colours are reflective of a dreamlike state, soft and mesmerising.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 25.40 cm X Width - 20.32 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-38867-0136-01
COPYRIGHT © Teresa Franks
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Artist: Teresa Franks


I am an artist, illustrator and qualified graphic designer who particularly loves to use the genres of Airbrushing and Drawing. In 2016, I opened an airbrushing studio with my sister, internationally renowned artist and illustrator, Sharen-Lee McLachlan. The studio called Sisters Air Artistry, is situated in Ashmore on the beautiful Gold Coast. All my life I have drawn and painted and like my sister, treasured our time together with our grandmother and grandfather who were both artists in country NSW, spending hours chasing butterflies and fairies, picking up paperbark and singing, painting and drawing to our hearts content. I won my first art prize (a drawing book) in 3rd Class and continued my art through High School selling my first painting at age 11. Life side-tracked me and nothing happened with my art until I did my Graphic Design course in 2011-2012 when my artistic spark was re-ignited. After completing my diploma I did freelance and full-time graphic design jobs, and in 2015 was asked to exhibit with RAW ARTISTS Gold Coast and completed my “Flower Girl” series of 6 drawings for the event. After the exhibition I felt frustrated with not having enough time to spend on creative ventures for myself. So in October 2015 my sister and I pursued our dream of owning and running our own studio. Sharen-Lee had to  teach me how to airbrush - and with her constant support and amazing tips I learnt skills that have changed my life. I am now an Airbrushing Addict and we quite often lose track of hours of time when we are working on projects. My painting Women Of Colour - Spring was a finalist in the Camberwell Art Show 2017 and sold on the Opening Gala Night. 

My new painting "Where To Next" is my version of the journey of life - rowing through unchartered waters & not knowing where we will end.

Exhibitions • RAW Artists Gold Coast – Currumbin RSL - April 2015 and Southport Sharks 2017 • Urban Paradise Gallery – Surfers Paradise  - February 2017 Competitions   • Online Finalist - Lethbridge 10000 - 2017 • Special Recognition Category - Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - 2017 • Finalist Brisbane Art Prize -  2016 • Top Five - Mural Submission Equipment Sheds Gold Coast City Council - 2017 Publications   • Art/Edit Winter Edition 2017 • Artist’s Palette Issue January 2017 • Gold Coast Bulletin - 2017
For more details or to contact me, please check out the following links: Websites: www.sistersairartistry.com Email:  sistersairartistry@gmail.com Instagram: @sistersairartistry Facebook: www.facebook.com/sistersairartistry

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